The Battle Angels is a collection of 999 unique Warrior Angels who unite together on the Tron Blockchain.
Each Angel is unique, based on hundreds of well-designed elements that characterize an angelic warrior - do not judge a book by it’s cover, sometimes the most angelic looking warrior is the most ferocious.
‍Stand with The Battle Angels upon the Battlefield and be part of an elite class of warriors ready to conquer the Tron Blockchain.

About us/FAQ

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Established in 2021, Ishtar Labs is a team of creative technologists who share a deep passion, and love, for crypto art.
The team has been working on different projects and decided it was time to create their own unique NFT collection.
After much deliberating, we decided to launch an NFT collection which will take the owner on a journey full of possibilities - The Battle Angels were born and they took the decision to explore the Tron Network which they felt was in much need of original, and unique, NFT collections.
Let the battle commence..........


The BattleAngels launch and minting begins until all 999 NFTs are minted.
The time and date will be announced very soon - follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.


Official Discord group is set up whilst The BattleAngels are being minted.
The BattleAngels will be listed on the USWAP NFT Marketplace when the mint is completed , which marks the official entry into the secondary market.
Simultaneously, preparation will be made to design and launch the BattleDevils - who are the patriarchal sworn enemies of the BattleAngels.
Holding a BattleAngel will give you whitelist access to mint the BattleDevils.


The BattleDevils launch and minting begins - signifying the first step towards the formation of the BattleVerse.
Shortly afterwards, The BattleWeapons and The BattleCrafts will be designed, launched and minted - signifying the final steps on our journey to the BattleVerse.


All efforts will be directed towards creation and completion of the BattleVerse.
The BattleVerse will open the doors to a whole new dimension where Matriarchal Battle Angels are heroes and Patriarchal Battle Devils are the villains.
Battles will ensue, heroes will be martyred and villains will be slain.
However, ultimate victory will be decided by you - do you want to be a hero, a villain or do you play both side?
It’s time to choose.

Phase 5

Upon completion of all the above, we will then launch the ultimate Gaming experience where you can interact and experience the BattleVerse and all its many mysteries first hand.
We have made our roadmap as concise as possible, but know this - The journey to ultimate victory throughout the BattleVerse is a long and testing one, full of many trials and tribulations.

Ask yourself, are you  ready to be the one?


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